Bid from anywhere in the World.

Online Bidding Instructions

To bid on the Lemons Auctioneers Website you must first become a member of the site. As a Member you will be updated on upcoming auctions and any important information.

How to Register to Bid

1.) Click on Bidder Registration on the Website; this is located in the blue tool bar on the top of the page.

2.) Fill in your information on the form provided. You will have to create your own Bidder ID (we do not recommend you use your name) . Once the Form is completed you will need to read and agree to the Bidder Contract.

3.) Now Click Complete Registration; Note: you only need to register once. After you register you are a life time member.

4.) A Password will be generated for your new account and sent to your email along with the Bidder ID you created.

5.) After you Complete Registration a Page will pop up asking for a Deposit. You must have a $100.00 Deposit on file to bid. This deposit can be used towards your purchase or refunded at any time as long as you do not have a balance due and are not currently bidding on an auction.

You are now ready to Bid!!!

How to Bid Online

1.) Now that you have registered to Bid you can Login to your account from the Bidder Login tab on the Blue tool bar of the Onlinepros website using your Bidder ID you created and Password we provided in your email.

2.) Once you have logged in you now have access to your Bidder Area this is where you will find your invoices and items you are tracking.

3.) Do not Press the Back Button to get out of this page go to the Blue tool Bar and Press the Tab Home. This will bring up all the current Auctions we have available for you to Bid on. ( If you are looking for a specific item go to the Blue tool bar and Click the Auction Categories Tab)

4.) Once you have chosen an item you can either Press the Track Button to watch the item you would like to bid on (these Tracked items can be viewed in the "My items" section of your Member Area) or you can Press the Bid button (you can place a max bid this allows the customer to be able to bid on several items at one time and not have to watch just one item)

· Note: when Placing a Max bid your bid will start at the lowest Bid increment

5.) When Placing a Bid be sure to wait for the Next page to confirm your Bid.

6.) You will receive an email that states you are the High Bidder. When you are out bid you will receive a Notice in your email.

7.) To view all the items you are bidding on and Tracking you can login to your Member Area and Click on the My Items Tab. All of your purchases will be in this area.

Useful information:

Pay attention to the Closing time of the items each lot will have its own closing time.

Before bidding on an Item look at the location of the items, you will have to travel to remove these items from this designated location

Note: Once a bid is placed we cannot remove the bid from the item.