Frequently Asked Questions

Online Auction FAQs

Q: Where Can I Find Out More Information About The Online Bidder Contract?
A: All Bidders are required to read and accept the Bidder Contract Terms and Conditions before their account will be activated for bidding. Click Here To Open the Bidder Contract.
Q: How Do I Register To Bid On An Online Auction?
A: To Bid On The Lemons Auctioneers Website You Must First Become A Member On The Site. All registration information the Bidder provides to Auctioneer shall be current, complete, and accurate. Bidders must be 18 years of age or older. Bidder agrees to not use any device, software, or routine to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of or any transaction being conducted on and during the auction sale. Please Go To The Home Page And Click On Bidder Registration Located On The Green Tool Bar From The Top Menu Page.
  1. Fill Out All Fields Required. A Bidder Will Be Suspended Or Permanently Banned From The Site If False Information Is Provided When Registering, Such As A False Name Or Fraudulent Contact Information.
  2. You Will Have To Create Your Own User/Bidder ID (This Will Be Your Unique Identifier And Your Bidder Login. Your User/Bidder ID Will Be Publicly Displayed On The Site If You Are The High Bidder. We Do Not Recommend You Use Or Choose Your Real Name Or Any Other Private Information As Your Username If You Would Not Want It Displayed).
  3. Click Complete Registration. Please Note That You Only Need To Register Once. After You Register You Are A Life Time Member. All Online Bidders May Not Have More Than One User Account At A Time And Is Strictly Enforced. Once The Form Is Completed You Will Need To Read And Agree To The Bidder Contract.
  4. A Password Will Be Generated For Your New Account And Sent To Your Email Along With The User/Bidder ID You Created. Please Provide Accurate Information Regarding Your Email Address, It Is Important That We Have A Correct E-Mail On File, Otherwise We Will Not Be Able To Contact You Regarding Your Account Or Bids You Placed.
  5. After You Complete Registration A Page Will Pop Up Asking “Update My Credit Card” All New Online Bidders' Are Required To Supply A Credit Or Debit Card To Activate Their Account. The Card Provided Will Be Preauthorized In The Amount Of $100.00. The Funds Are Only Checked, No Actual Transaction Takes Place, and Nothing Will Appear On Bidder's Credit Card Statement.
  6. You Are Now Ready To Bid!!!
Q: How do I Bid Online?
A: Now that you have registered to Bid:
  • You can Login to your account from the Bidder Login tab on the Green tool bar of the Website using your Bidder ID you created and Password we provided in your email. Once you have logged in, you now have access to your Bidder Area; this is where you will find your invoices and items you are tracking.
  • Do not Press the Back Button to get out of this page, go to the Green tool Bar and Press the Tab Home. This will bring up all the current Auctions we have available for you to Bid on. (If you are looking for a specific item go to the Green tool bar and Click the Auction Categories Tab)
  • Once you have chosen an item you can either Press the Track Button to watch the item you would like to bid on (these Tracked items can be viewed in the "My items" section of your Member Area) or you can Press the Blue Bid button (you can place a max bid, this allows the customer to be able to bid on several items at one time and not have to watch just one item). Note: When placing a Max bid your bid will start at the lowest Bid increment
  • If Placing a Bid be sure to wait for the Next page to confirm your Bid.
  • You will receive an email that states you are the High Bidder. When you are out bid you will receive a Notice in your email as well.
  • To view all the items you are bidding on and Tracking you can login to your Member Area, and Click on the My Items Tab. All of your purchases will be in this area.

Useful Information:

Pay attention to the Closing time of the items each lot will have its own closing time. Before bidding on an Item look at the location of the items, you will have to travel to remove these items from this designated location

Important Note: Once a bid is placed we cannot remove the bid from the item.

If you have any questions regarding on how to bid, please visit our “Bidding Tutorial” page or you may contact the office at (281) 357-4977.

Q: How Do I Receive A Password And/Or Change My Password?
A: Once You Have Registered Online Within The Bidder Registration Area The System Will Send You An Automated Password By Email. It Is Important That We Have A Correct Email On File, Make Sure To Provide Accurate Information Regarding Your Email Address. You May Only Change Your Password After Activation Within The Update Contact Information Area Under Password.
Q: Can I Change My User/Bidder ID?
A: Our Online System Does Not Allow Users To Change Their User/Bidder ID. The Only Way That This Action Can Be Done Is Manually By An Auction Representative Upon Approval From Administrators. You Are Not Allowed To Conduct This Action If You Have Any Outstanding Balances Or Active Bids. All Past Auction History Will Be Removed From Current User/Bidder ID Once The User/Bidder ID Has Changed. Please Note: User/Bidder ID Is Your Unique Identifier And Your Bidder Login. Your User/Bidder ID Will Be Publicly Displayed On The Site If You Are The High Bidder. Do Not Choose Your Real Name Or Any Other Private Information As Your Username If You Would Not Want It Displayed.
Q: Do I Have To Put A Deposit To Bid Online?
A: Since We Have Implemented A New Online System We No Longer Required A Deposit To Bid Online.
Q: Do I Have To Give My Credit Or Debit Card Information To Bid Online?
A: This Information Is Used To Waiver Possible Fraudulent Bidding Activity & Payment Purposes; Information Provided Here Is Kept In Strict Confidence. All New Online Bidders' Will Be Required To Supply A Credit Or Debit Card To Activate Their Account. The System Will Verify All Credit Cards For Validation And A Hold Of $100.00 Will Be Placed And Released After Verification. The Bidder May Change Their Credit Card On File At Any Time.
Q: Can I Bid On Multiple Auctions With Same Credit Card?
A: You May Bid On Multiple Items And May Bid On Multiple Auctions With Your Credit Card On File.
Q: If My Deposit Is Refunded Will I Have To Re-Register In Your System? (For Customers That Applied a Deposit to Bid:)
A: For All Customers That Applied A $50.00 Or $100.00 Deposit To Activate Their Account, You Will Not Have To Re-Register To Bid With Us In The Future. Your Account Information Is Now Held Within Our Secured System For Your Convenience.
Q: Do You Only Sell Locally?
A: Lemons Auctioneers, LLP & Online Pros Is A National Firm. Not Only Do We Sell All Over The State Of Texas, But Also Sell Out Of State. Always Pay Attention to the Event Details per Seller to Receive the Location Details.
Q: How Can I See A Listing of The Auction Items?
A: You May Go To Auction Categories on the Menu Bar to See All of the Auction Items that are Listed for each category. You May Also Go to the Seller’s Listing on Our Home Page Under The Auction Calendar Tab, And Click on View Auction.
Q: How Do I Find General Information For An Auction?

A: You may find this information on the Home Page under the Auction Categories. Under each individual seller's listing you will see Event Detail Information. The Event Details information includes the physical address where items are located, preview date and times, removal dates, driving directions with a map, seller’s contact or general information. The Event Details will change for each auction so it is important for the bidder to read them prior to bidding online. If a bidder has further questions on a particular item or auction and cannot go to preview, we recommend contacting the Seller’s preview and removal contact for more details.

The Terms & Conditions link will include information concerning the buyer’s premium fee, title preparation fee for vehicles, payment deadlines, types of payments accepted, if equipment and/or manpower are available for removal, if the buyer is responsible for bringing their own battery, or handling equipment, etc. It also informs the buyer who supplied the digital photographs and descriptions, removal instructions and more.

As stated above, the Event Details change for each auction. It is the bidder’s sole responsibility to read the terms and conditions for each auction. If there are any questions or concerns about specified information please call Lemons Auctioneers or Online Pros at (800) 243-1113.

Q: Where Can I Find Out More About An Auction Item?
A: If you need additional information concerning an auction item, we always suggest that you preview the item first. If you are unable to attend preview you may call the seller representative listed under the View Event Details for more detailed information and questions. The seller will not be liable for giving false information due to the lack of knowledge and expertise in any given field.
Q: What Do I Do If I Can't Get In Contact With a Seller Representative?
A: You may email your question to or you may contact a customer service representative at Lemons Auctioneers during normal business hours from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Thursday and 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Friday at 800-243-1113 or 281-357-4977. A customer service representative at Lemons will attempt to contact the seller representative in a timely manner.
Q: Can I Inspect And Preview Items Before I Register To Bid?
A: All bidders are able to inspect the items online and may physically attend the allotted preview dates and times scheduled for each seller. Lemons Auctioneers, LLP and Online Pros recommend that all buyers attend preview if possible. Buyers Shall Rely Entirely Upon Their Own Inspection And Information.
Q: Why Do I Have To Pay Sales Tax?
A: We are a Licensed Auction Firm conducting a service for our sellers and are required to charge sales tax. Lemons Auctioneers, LLP and Online Pros are required to charge a sales tax fee of 8.25% due to conducting business in Tomball, Texas & in Harris County.
Q: How Do I Become Tax Exempt?

A: In order to become tax exempt your online account will have to be activated for an exemption. Please use only the form that applies to you. These forms are available online on our website under Auction Resources or just follow this link: Texas Tax Forms. We advise customers to complete the form before making any purchases. Note: Tax Exempt Forms are only valid for that current year and we do require a new form to be filled out annually.

You will need to complete the form, providing your name and address or name of the organization and contact information, name of the seller, state the reason for requesting exemption from sales tax, and list the item or items you will be purchasing. The purchaser must sign and date the certification, but unlike the resale certificate, no number is required.

  1. Sign and date the bottom of the form, attesting that all information contained in the certificate is true and that you understand the penalties for reporting false information.
  2. Send the completed application to or fax it at 281-357-4974.
Q: How Does The Dynamic Closing Feature Work?
A: The ending time for each item is Dynamic and will reset to 5 minutes if a bid is placed within the last 5 minutes of the item closing time. This will continue until there are no bids on that item for 5 minutes.
Q: How Can I Track Items without Bidding?
A: You can watch items without bidding by clicking "Login To Bid/Track" then entering your Username and Password and clicking the " Track " button. You will be able to see this item in your My Items list in the Bidder Area.
Q: I Cannot Find Any Record Of My Winning Bid.
A: You will not be able to see any winning bids until after all invoices are sent out. All auctions are invoiced the day the auction closes by 4:00PM (CST). You may go to your My Invoices 2013/2014/2015 to view your items won. If you haven't received an invoice by 4:00 pm, please call!
Q: What is A Buyer’s Premium?
A: A Buyers' Premium is a tool Auctioneers use to help defray the cost of an auction. As a buyer, set your "top price" on an item and stop bidding when your bid plus premium reaches your top price. For example, if a 10% buyers' premium is being charged and your top price is $50.00, stop bidding at $45.00. If $45.00 is the top bid, you will be charged a premium of $4.50 or a total of $49.50 and will have saved .50 cents!
Q: How Many Days Do I Have To Pay For My Auction Items Won?
A: You must pay for your items won within two consecutive days after the completion of the auction (Including Weekends & Holidays). Example: If you won an item Friday afternoon the payment is due Sunday afternoon. The site has the capability of 24/7 credit card or debit card payments. *All accounts not paid in full by the stated deadline date for $1,000.00 or less will be automatically charged through our Nelix Transax payment gateway with the credit or debit card supplied by the Buyer. Bidders that do not pay for their purchases during the stated deadline may be permanently banned from future online auctions. If any circumstances arise regarding payment, we ask that you call us immediately so we can help make proper arrangements. You may contact the office during our business hours at (800) 243-1113 where a representative will be able to assist you or send us an email at: if you need assistance on a weekend day.
Q: How Can I Pay For My Winning Bids?

A: Lemons Auctioneers and Online Pros are responsible for all payments received per auction. You may pay online through your Bidder Login or call to pay Lemons Auctioneers and Online Pros over the phone. To pay online please go to your Bidder Login and go to My Invoices 2013/2014/2015. Once you are within the Invoices menu please scroll down to the invoice area and click on Pay Online. Follow the fields given and pay for your purchase with a credit card. Click Pay Now button to pay with your saved credit card or fill out information to pay with another credit card. Once the item is paid in full your receipt will be available to you in My Invoices 2013/2014/2015 beside the Auction you won there should be an area that says "Receipt" Please Print your receipt and take with you to pick up your items. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit Card, Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit, Money Order, Cashier's Check, or Cash. If you pay Cashier's Check please mail to our office "Second Day Delivery."

Company Information:
Lemons Auctioneers, LLP. P.O. Box 989, Tomball, Texas 77377

Q: How Do I Pay By Wire Transfer Or Direct Deposit?

A: Lemons Auctioneers LLP and Online Pros conduct their banking with Woodforest National Bank. You may go to any Woodforest location and directly deposit your payment into our account or conduct a wire transfer from your account to ours. You will need to call us once this transaction has been made into our account. We will need the amount of the transaction, user id, and auction won information. Your paid receipt will be sent to you manually once the transaction has been verified by an auction representative.

**Please call our office for Wire Transfer Information**
Phone: 800-243-1113 or 281-357-4977

Q: Do I Receive A Discount For Paying Cash?
A: Some specifically stated online auctions may offer up to a three percent (3%) cash, wire transfer, or direct deposit discount on buyer’s total purchases. See special information on each online auction for availability or contact Lemons Auctioneers for availability.
Q: Are There Any Hidden Cost Or Credit Card Fees?
A: Lemons Auctioneers and Online Pros do not charge the buyer any hidden fees. The fees charged by our firm to the buyer are a buyer's premium, a credit card convenience fee, and a title preparation fee for all vehicles. The buyer's premium and credit card convenience fee can vary per auction listed. Please note the terms and conditions of each auction listed for verification.
Q: Why Was My Online Payment Declined?
A: The Lemons Auctioneers LLP and Online Pros security feature for credit card authorization is elevated online, due to high fraudulent activity risks. If your credit card's address, ZIP code, or CVV2 is not accurate, the transaction will not be approved by our Nelix Transax network. You may call a Lemons Auctioneers LLP and Online Pros representative to give the updated or corrected information. Once the corrected information is given, the payment can be approved manually through our office.
Q: I Bid On Items Previously and Haven't Paid Yet. Can I Bid Again?
A: The answer to this question is "No!" You must pay for the items you already won before you are able to bid on other auctions. There are no exceptions to this rule. Please Note: Auctioneers reserves the right to resell any property not paid for immediately following the online auction items/lot’s closing date. Failure to pay for items/lots won on the online auction will result in possible expenses incurred due to resale, collection and damages resulting from the resale.
Q: How Do I Remove My Items I Won On Auction?

A: Lemons Auctioneers, LLP and Online Pros do not offer shipping. This means that the buyer is solely responsible for complete removal, whether you handle this on your own, or decide to hire a company. The Owner/Seller is not responsible for packing, shrink wrapping, palletizing, and does not provide transportation, lifting, towing, and hauling, or any other method required for removal or transportation of buyers purchased items/lots. All successful bidders are responsible for the loading and removal of all merchandise from its present location as indicated on the website at per each auction.

No merchandise will be released from the Owner/Sellers premises until full payment has been received by auctioneer. This will be strictly enforced. Buyers must show proof of purchase to Seller by presenting a copy of their official Paid Invoice and proper Identification upon entry of the Sellers premises. Buyers using a service for the removal of their merchandise must supply Owner/Seller and Auctioneer with a signed letter of authorization and a copy of the paid receipt. A letter of authorization may be found on Auctioneers website at under Auction Resources.

Q: How Many Days Do I Have To Remove My Auction Items Won?
A: The date by which all merchandise must be removed from the premises is posted on any auction-by-auction basis, on the specific auction page. Owner/Seller and Auctioneer agree that merchandise may remain on the sale premises for a specified period of time following the sale closing date. After the final removal date, a storage charge of $10.00 per day, per item/lot may be charged by the Seller, if specified in the Terms & Conditions by Seller. If merchandise is not removed by the designated date, the ownership of the merchandise will revert back to the original Owner/Seller and the Owner/Seller may dispose of or resale the item/lot at their discretion. The default buyer's account will be suspended and no refund will be available. No Exceptions.
Q: If I Have a Problem At Time Of Removal Concerning My Items Won. What Do I Do?
A: DO NOT LEAVE THE PREMISES. Communicate with a seller representative on location immediately, if you have a discrepancy concerning your item won. The seller representative will contact Lemons Auctioneers LLP and Online Pros and a resolution will be made. If you leave the location with your items without stating your discrepancy, neither the seller nor Lemons Auctioneers and Online Pros will have proof of the problem. *The Sellers and Lemons Auctioneers, LLP and Online Pros are very strict concerning this issue - No Exceptions.* No adjustment will be made with regard to merchandise inventory after item/lot has been removed from the premises or after the removal date posted by Auctioneer, whether or not the property has been removed. All Sales are final once items are removed from Owner/Sellers location. Auctioneers reserves the right, for any reason, in its sole discretion, to terminate, change or suspend any aspect of the auction sale.
Q: Why do I pay a $20.00 Title Preparation Fee?
A: Lemons Auctioneers and Online Pros charge a $20.00 title preparation fee per bus, trailer, or vehicle won. Here is a list of reasons concerning why this fee is charged:
  1. Accurate Title Information on Auctioneers Online Site.
  2. Lemons Auctioneers takes possession of titles from seller for faster delivery to the buyer.
  3. Titles and 130 U Forms are signed by the seller and are ready for buyer possession.
  4. Prepare new buyer information for Buyer/Dealer possession as necessary.
  5. Mail Certified, FedEx or as requested to buyer.
  6. Inform State of Texas of new buyer information via the internet or documentation.
  7. Keep on file a copy of the title information for at least 7 years.
  8. If necessary lost title service available.
Q: Who Has The Titles In Their Possession During The Online Auction Process?
A: Lemons Auctioneers, LLP and Online Pros are in the possession of the vehicle titles during the auction. If Lemons Auctioneers inventories the auction items on location we gain possession of the titles at that time. If the seller supplies the general auction information to Lemons Auctioneers, LLP the titles are sent to Lemons Auctioneers within a timely manner before the online auction has expired.
Q: How Do I Receive My Title for Vehicles, Buses, Trucks, & Trailers?

A: Buyer’s title will be issued to buyer once full payment has been received within 10 business days. Auctioneer and Owner/Seller will not issue any open titles (No Exceptions). Auctioneer will contact buyer immediately to confirm title information via electronic correspondence or by verbal communication and/or buyer may contact a Lemons Auctioneers, LLP and Online Pros representative to provide correct information. The information that we will need will be your full name, current address, and phone number that they want the title transferred and mailed to. Your title will be filled out with the information given and will be mailed out by FedEx, UPS or Certified Mail, a signature will be required for receipt of titles. You may choose which method works best for you. Titles may be also picked up in person at Lemons Auctioneers, 18810 Juergen Rd., Tomball 77377, by appointment only.

The buyer has 20 working days from the date of purchase to file the title with the County Tax Assessor-Collector. If the title is filed after 20 working days, a penalty will be charged. You can check the following link to see where your local County Tax Office is.

Q: Why am I receiving Certified Mail from Lemons Auctioneers?
A: All titles will be mailed first class Certified Return Receipt and will require a signature confirmation. This is to insure proper delivery and tracking in the event the package is lost or misplaced. It is also very important that Lemons Auctioneers, LLP receives the correct name and address for the titles. If the information is correct then the post office will return the mail back to our office. In return, this will delay the delivery of your title. Titles are very important so if there are any questions please call our office at (800) 243-1113.
Q: Why We Do Not Resell Auction Items For Buyers?
A: We receive an email or a phone call at least once or twice a week from a buyer requesting for us to resell items that they have purchased from us in the past. If you inspect our website, you will notice that the items that are offered are not resell items. They are sold directly from our sellers to you. We feel that this has helped elevate the prices of items sold through our website. This also assures the buyer, that he is purchasing his items directly from the seller and not from a reseller.
Q: Why We Do Not Post VIN #’S For Vehicles?
A: Our Seller’s generally do not supply the complete Vehicle Identification Number for the vehicles that are going to be sold by online auction. You may preview the vehicle during the preview time allotted to retrieve the entire Vehicle ID number for your records.
Q: I Missed Out on an Item
A: Have you ever been in the process of placing a bid on an item, and it closed at the same time? Our online auction system counts down in real time regardless if you are placing a bid on an item. We suggest either putting in a maximum bid on the item, or allotting plenty of time to place a bid prior to the closing time.
Q: What Happens to Items That Go Unsold?
On all unsold items, the seller will make the ultimate decision if the item can be re-listed, held for another auction, or disposed of. Many times the sellers will choose to hold the item(s) for another auction.