20th annivarsary12

Auction Calendar

Dec 7

New Frontier Public Schools

    Selling: Cargo Van and Utility Trailer 14% B.P.

    Dec 13

    Gregory Portland Independent School District - Portland, TX

      Selling Student Furniture, Buses, Lawn Equipment and More - B.P. 14%

      Dec 13

      San Diego Independent School District (Surplus) - San Diego, TX

        Selling Student Furniture, Light Construction Materials and More - B.P.-14%

        Dec 13

        Fort Bend Independent School District - Sugarland, T/x

          Selling Apple iPads, Welders, Furniture and More - B.P. - 13%

          Dec 13

          Leander Independent School District - Leander, TX

            Selling: Computer Equipment and More - B.P. 14%


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