Past Auctions

Past Auctions

Cy-Fair Independent School District - Cypress, TX

    Selling: Cafeteria Equipment, Shelving Equipment and More 14 %B.P.

    Cameron Independent School District (Surplus)- Cameron, TX

      Selling: Athletic Equipment, Cafeteria Equipment, Furniture & Misc. 14% B.P.

      Austin Independent School District - Austin, TX

        Selling: Cafeteria Equipment, Band Equipment, Student & Office Furniture & More 14% B.P.

        Dayton Independent School District- Dayton, TX

          Selling: Automobiles, Student Furniture, Cafeteria Equipment, and More 14%B.P.

          Humble Independent School District - Humble, TX

            Selling: Vans, Wrecker Truck, Kilns, Student & Office Equipment & More. 14 %B.P.

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