Past Auctions

Past Auctions

Georgetown Independent School District - Georgetown

    Selling: Drink Fountains, Wood Chairs, Gas Stoves, Dish Washers, and More 14% B.P.

    Galena Park ISD (Surplus) - Galena Park, TX

      Selling: School Buses, Cafeteria Equipment, Generator, Tire Machine and More 13% B.P.

      Utopia Independent School District - Utopia, TX

        Selling: Shop Tools, School Buses, Trailer, Tractors, Motors and More 14 % B.P.

        Alvin Independent School District - Alvin, TX

          Selling: Student & Office Furniture, Medical & Dental Equipment, Miscellaneous, Laboratory Equipment, Audio Equipment, Books And Other Reading Materials, Athletic Equipment, TV, VRC, Other Electronics, Metal & Wood Shop Equipment, Cafeteria Equipment And Furniture, Computer Equipment & Accessories, B.P. 14%

          Northside Independent School District - San Antonio, TX

            Selling: Student & Office Furniture, Electrical & Electronic Equipment, Medical Equipment, Light Construction Equipment, Computer Equipment & Accessories, Automotive & Truck Parts, Generators, Laboratory Equipment, Cafeteria Equipment and Furniture, B.P. 14%

            Austin Independent School District (General) - Austin, TX

              Selling: Auto Shop Equipment, Metal & Wood Shop Equipment, Miscellaneous, Student & Office Furniture, Automotive & Truck Parts, Cafeteria Equipment and Furniture, Books Or Other Reading Materials, Musical Instruments, Audio Equipment & Accessories, Ceramic & Pottery Equipment, Air Compressors, Child's Furniture & Misc., Industrial & Residential A/C Equipment, Light Construction Equipment, B.P. 14%

              Van Independent School District - Van, TX

                Selling: Trucks, Buses, Trailers, Sports & Recreational Vehicles, Automotive & Truck Parts, B.P. 14%

                Galveston County Emergency Communication District - Dickinson, TX

                  Selling: Computer Equipment & Accessories, Electrical & Electronic Equip. Components, Generator, B.P. 14%

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